America’s #1 choice for shrink wrap roofing solutions

Introducing WrapRoof – the pioneering shrink wrap roof technology that has been patented in the United States. Our groundbreaking product and installation services are offered for both residential properties and commercial spaces, created in collaboration with renowned scientists from the shrink film industry to ensure optimal quality standards are met. Plus, our dedicated teams of installers guarantee premium service no matter what type of roof you have!

Complete coverage by shrink wrapping with WrapRoofs

Installing WrapRoof roof wraps gives you the peace of mind that your roof is completely covered. We guarantee that all installations with our waterproof roof wraps will be free from leaks and water damage for up to ten years! Our products are rigorously tested to make sure they meet the highest quality standards, so you can trust that they will keep your roof in pristine condition against any harmful sun rays or inclement weather. Plus, WrapRoof roof wraps are designed to give maximum energy efficiency and reduce cooling costs during summer months by reflecting sunlight away from your roof. It’s an investment that pays off over time!


Shrink Wrapped Temporary Roof after Storm Damage

If your roof has been damaged due to severe weather, our shrink wrapping services are the perfect solution for you. Our roof wraps will keep the elements out and give you time to get repairs done without any further damage to your permanent roof. WrapRoofs shrink wraps are easy to install for a licensed contractor, like Allied Xteriors, so you can have your roof covered in no time.


Shrink Wrapped Roofs vs. Tarps

When it comes to roof protection, tarps are no match for WrapRoof roof wraps. The material used in roof wraps is much sturdier and more durable than a tarp, making it perfect for protecting your roof against strong winds, heavy rain, and snow. Plus, roof wraps are designed to be energy-efficient and reduce cooling and heating costs year-round.

WrapRoofs and Your Insurance Company

If your roof has been damaged due to severe weather, WrapRoof roof wraps can be a great way to get coverage from your insurance provider. By shrink wrapping your roof with our top-grade material, you’ll be able to get the repairs you need without sustaining any further damage. Plus, many insurance companies recognize WrapRoofs roof wraps as a reliable roofing solution, so you can be sure to get the coverage you need when it matters most.

Get protected and fully functioning in a day

Unlike other roofing solutions, WrapRoof roof wraps are designed to keep your roof fully functional and looking as originally designed. Our roof wraps don’t require any modifications or replacements, so you can enjoy the same functionality of your permanent roof without having to replace it completely. Plus, our patented shrink technology ensures that your roof will stay secure and tight for years to come.

Ensure the safety of your family and protect the planet

WrapRoof roof wraps are an eco-friendly solution for roofing, made with a specialized shrink film that’s free of toxins and pollutants. This ensures your roof won’t be exposed to any harmful chemicals or materials, protecting you and your family from potential health risks. Plus, our roof wraps are 100% recyclable, so you can ensure your roof is contributing to a healthier planet.


Superior weather protection and energy efficiency

With WrapRoofs, you can rest assured knowing your home is protected from the elements and saving you on expensive energy bills! Their roof wraps are made with top-grade shrink film, protecting from wind speeds up to 70 mph and snow loads up to 10 inches. In addition to protection from storms, these roofs are highly energy efficient, keeping your bills low and your temperature right where you want it.

Trained FORTIFIED ROOF Installer

Why Allied Xteriors chooses WrapRoof as its exclusive shrink wrap roof partner

At Allied Xteriors, roofing is our bread and butter. That’s why we made the wise choice to partner with WrapRoof for their unrivaled combination of protection, energy efficiency, and affordability. Their shrink film wraps are designed to ensure the utmost durability to protect your permanent roof from external damage.

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Allied Xteriors is a Licensed WrapRoof Installer

WrapRoof’s patented roofing installation methods have been revolutionizing the industry and delivering successful results for years. Allied Xteriors has received training on all WrapRoof patented applications and excellent materials.

Contact Allied Xteriors to Get Your Entire Roof Wrapped Today

Contact us today for a free roof wrap quote and start protecting your structure! Patented shrink wrap technology, combined with guaranteed installation services and reliable warranties, means that WrapRoof provides the most effective solution for protecting the roof of your home or building.

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