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Roofing and waterproofing commercial buildings require special attention to details, and an understanding of ground-up construction. Whether your commercial building is a multi-family complex, warehouse, school, hospital, restaurant, or hotel, our Roof Geeks have the knowledge and experience to customize the best solution for your building.

Roof Repairs

More than a Quick Fix

Maintaining your roofing system is the key to its stability and longevity. Our Roof Geeks are trained to cover all of the bases while performing every roof repair and maintenance plan to ensure we address all of your problems before they develop into something more severe.

  • Discoloration
  • Missing or Damaged Shingle
  • Buckling or Sagging
  • Moss or Mold
  • Obstructed Gutters
  • Ponding Water
  • Loose Seams
  • Improper Flashing
newly finsihed flat roof


Customized to Protect Your Business

Extend your roof’s lifespan and maintain a dry, cool building with our tailored commercial roof coating systems. Allied Xteriors’ experienced professionals provide expert installation, ensuring longevity for your roofing system by addressing imperfections and minor issues without needing a full replacement.

Here are some attributes that set apart our coating products from the rest:

  • Heat reflective
  • Economic
  • Energy efficient
  • Low maintenance
  • American WeatherStar – Affliated
  • GAF- Affliated
  • Sika
  • Butler
waterproofing being applied to a roof



With Allied Xteriors’ commercial waterproofing services, you’ll be set with a sustainable, high-performance roof designed to keep unwanted air and water out.

  • Air Sealing and Weatherization

Our air sealing and weatherization solutions help create a more energy-efficient and comfortable indoor environment. It prevents drafts and energy leakage by sealing gaps and cracks in your building’s envelope, reducing heating and cooling costs.

  • Window Sealing

Our window sealing services enhance the energy efficiency of your building by eliminating air leaks and improving insulation around windows. This not only conserves energy but also enhances indoor comfort.

  • Stucco Sealing

Stucco is a popular exterior finish but can develop cracks and vulnerabilities over time. Our stucco sealing services ensure a durable and weather-resistant surface, protecting your building from the elements and extending the lifespan of the stucco.

  • Tuckpointing

Tuckpointing is crucial for maintaining brick-and-mortar structures. We specialize in repairing and replacing deteriorating mortar joints, ensuring the structural integrity and aesthetics of your building.

  • Brick Sealing

Brick sealing helps protect your building from water penetration, mold, and erosion. It forms a protective barrier that prevents moisture from seeping into the bricks, preserving their appearance and structural integrity.

  • Concrete Sealing

Our concrete sealing services are designed to extend the life of concrete surfaces by protecting them from moisture, chemical damage, and wear and tear. This not only enhances the appearance of the concrete but also prevents the need for costly repairs.

roof waterproofing
flat roofing being applied to a home

Flat Roofing

Durable, Efficient, Economic

Our Roof Geeks are certified to install the industry’s best flat roofing systems, coatings, and membranes to meet your commercial building’s needs. Some common roof coating options include:

  • Soprema

A well-known brand in flat roofing materials, Soprema offers a range of innovative roofing solutions, including single-ply membranes, liquid-applied systems, and insulation products.

  • Duro-Last

Duro-Last specializes in prefabricated single-ply roofing systems, known for their easy installation and exceptional performance..

  • GAF

GAF offers a variety of quality and sustainable roofing products such as TPO and PVC membranes, as well as built-up roofing options. 

  • Johns Mansville

Johns Mansville provides a wide range of flat roofing solutions, including EPDM and TPO membranes, as well as insulation products that are designed for long-lasting performance.


  • Acrylic Coating 
  • PVC 
  • TPO 
  • Liquid Applied Membrane 
  • Elastomeric Coating 
  • Modified Bitumen Membrane 
  • Uracil Coating 


  • MR24 Butler 
  • American Weather Star (AWS) 
  • Sika
  • Metaguard-Acrylic Metal


Metal Roofing

  • Butler

Butler Manufacturing, a subsidiary of BlueScope Steel, is known for its high-quality metal roofing systems. They offer standing seam and concealed fastener roofing systems, which are widely recognized for their durability and energy efficiency.

  • Exceptional Metals

Exceptional Metals specializes in metal roofing and related accessories. They offer a variety of metal roofing profiles, trim components, and other system accessories designed to provide long-lasting protection and an aesthetically pleasing finish.

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