Why Stucco Is The Right Choice For Your New Building

Stucco may be the favorite in new construction in 2023, but it has been around since the ancient Romans. It began to appear in the United States near the turn of the 20th century with the rise in popularity of the Spanish Colonial-style buildings, and it, well, stuck.

When properly installed, stucco siding on a building can provide beauty, versatility, cost efficiency and long-lasting durability. It can be molded to create a variety of looks and finishes, which allows for unlimited customization.

It’s also fire resistant and it’s a completely natural product with no negative environmental impact. Which is particularly important to many new business- and homeowners today.

So, no surprise, it’s one of the hottest products on today’s construction market. Statistics show a quantifiable resurgence in the use of this age-old material.

The U.S. Census Bureau’s Survey on Construction reveals that stucco was the #1 most used principal exterior material on new single-family homes started in 2020, utilized on 28 % of homes, followed by vinyl siding at 26 %.

For a time, stucco was viewed with skepticism and acquired a bad reputation. Its popularity took a hit because of the use of poor materials, improper additives and importantly, untrained installers, all of which can result in huge stucco failures.

Stucco was often hastily and improperly installed during the construction boom of the 1990s, when materials weren’t as durable as they are today. Shoddy workmanship resulted in cracking and moisture infiltration that deteriorated underlying wood, creating mold and left homeowners with a major problem.

This type of damage can go virtually undetected until an inspection is performed. For those trying to sell a building, a stucco problem can be a deal-breaker.

Modern stucco, however, is enhanced with polymers and other agents for increased flexibility and durability. Today, advanced and more refined application techniques have made stucco more resilient and a better choice for even the most cautious property owners.

How To Apply Stucco?

This is an all-important question. Stucco requires skilled professionals and exacting application to create a watertight environment behind the outer wall.

If an installer is in too big a hurry or decides to cut corners, the needed waterproof seal may not exist, allowing moisture to build up and get trapped behind the stucco. That’s a big problem.

Eventually, discoloration will begin to appear beneath windows and rot will infiltrate the layers that make up the walls of a building. The trapped moisture creates a breeding ground for mold and mildew, which can escalate into an infestation of dreaded black mold.

That said, these problems are preventable with proper installation. Stucco installation and repair is a labor-intensive process best left to skilled professionals, not your average DIY weekend warrior.

Repairing or replacing faulty stucco is something that should only be entrusted to experienced installers. Anyone who has ever had a problem with stucco will recognize the importance of doing the job right the first time. At Allied Xteriors, we are trusted stucco experts.

So, What’s The Right Way?

Generally, skilled installers apply stucco in layers, allowing each layer to set before adding the next. So, the thickness gradually increases with each layer. Wood frame exterior walls, brick or cinderblock structures each require specific techniques. For more detail set an appointment with one of our Stucco Geeks.

To Stucco Or Not To Stucco

Before deciding whether stucco is a good choice for your home – or even your business – it’s important to know the facts. Allied Xteriors’ team of knowledgeable experts. knows the facts and has the know how to execute the job skillfully and professionally.

Allied Xteriors employs highly trained professionals who understand the nuances of stucco and have the skills to properly make it a part of your new structure or repair project.

Allied Xteriors is a proud member of the Stucco Manufacturers Association, so you can trust that its products have been tested and meet the highest industry standards.

Bottom Line

Stucco is one of the oldest construction materials around for a reason…strength and durability alone make it an obvious choice. Respected architects used stucco on some of the world’s most famous structures, and they are still standing.

Today, contractors, architects and designers have embraced this ancient weather proof material not only for its long-lasting qualities, but for the versatility today’s homebuyer expects in design, and requires in affordability. Quality, properly installed stucco is the choice smart property owners are utilizing today in their homes, and in commercial buildings as well. Allied Xteriors is a trusted name in stucco and services the Gulf South with stucco repair, maintenance, and new installations. Contact us today. We would love to consult with you about your stucco repair or new installation.

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