A Complete Guide to Commercial Roofing Repairs and Maintenance

Water damage can necessitate a building evacuation and the replacement of several building elements. You should want to avoid having to pay such expenses and wasting this much time.

There are a lot of problems that can cause water damage. One of the common ones is commercial roofing which is not adequate. At some point, you’ll need a commercial roof replacement, but there are ways to delay this time.

If you perform certain commercial roof repair and maintenance steps, your building’s roof should last longer. Read on to learn about these steps and how to perform them.

The Importance of Regular Commercial Roof Maintenance

Extending your roof’s lifespan isn’t the only benefit of regular commercial roof maintenance. There are also several more, which you can read about below.

Maintaining Your Warranty

Your manufacturer’s warranty requires regular maintenance for the warranty to stay in effect. Not only that, but should you need to make an insurance claim, a record of regular maintenance can help expedite and simplify the insurance claim process.

Avoid Expensive Repair Costs

Small problems can quickly become worse if they aren’t spotted and dealt with quickly. Building owners and/or professional roofers can spot problems when they’re doing maintenance. Then they can deal with them.

Raised Property Value | Even if your roof has many years left, it can still look like it’s in poor condition. This will make possible buyers less likely to purchase your property and you’ll end up selling it for less. Frequent maintenance can keep your commercial roof looking better for a longer time.

Maintain Energy Efficiency | Roofing features such as a membrane can reflect heat away from a building. As a result, the building below will stay cooler. The building occupants will then turn up the AC less frequently and use less energy.

If the roof’s membrane is falling off, it will reflect less heat. This will reduce energy efficiency. Occupants will have to turn up the AC and use more energy.

Commercial Roofing Maintenance Checklist

Professional roofers should perform most commercial roof repair tasks. If an average business owner tries to perform them, he or she can make several mistakes. This can cause more damage to appear than was ever present in the first place.

However, any average business owner can perform the maintenance steps below. Just do them as infrequently as possible. Walking too much on the roof can lead to falling injuries and roof damage.

Look For Standing Water | Standing water is one of the most damaging things on a roof for several reasons.

The weight of the water can put stress on the roof structure below. The water can also assist in the growth of the health hazards mold and mildew. In addition, standing water can attract dangerous pests such as mosquitos.

Because of this, you must keep an eye out for standing water. Remove it as soon as you see it. There as some types of industrial pumps you can use for this purpose.

Remove Roof Debris | Organic pieces of roof debris like leaves and branches can also cause mold and mildew. The weight of both organic and inorganic (like plastic trash) debris can cause stress on the roof structure over time.

In addition, debris can wash into your gutters. This can clog them and make them not drain properly. As a result, your roof can take on more standing water.

It’s best to clean up the roof debris when you can. If you can, try removing debris with a roof rake and avoid walking around on it.

Cut Back the Branches | Tree branches commonly cause damage to surface roofing. Broken ones will fall and cause dents and/or tears. Usually, the wind causes this, but branches can fall on their own as well after lots of breaking.

It’s not possible or at least not easy to prevent the wind from carrying branches from far away. However, business owners can cut commercial property trees. Just cut back the branches that are hanging over the roof.

Clean the Gutters | It’s important to clean the gutters regularly as this will prevent water damage issues. However, if you don’t have the time, you can clean the gutters only when necessary.

To know when gutter cleaning is necessary, take time to inspect the gutters. You can inspect the roof surface and the gutters at the same time. If the gutters are clogged with debris, you should clean them.

Frequently Inspect Your Roof | You likely won’t be able to spot roof damage as easily as a seasoned roofing professional. However, there are usually some obvious signs of damage you can spot. You can then contact a roofing professional to fix your roof.

Once in a while and/or after a rough storm, use a ladder to climb up and look out over your roof. Check for broken shingles, loose membranes, storm damage, etc.

Check for Leaks | Not all roofing inspections happen on the roof. You should also check the building below the roof. Here, you check for any signs of leaking.

You may not see water dripping from the ceiling. You need to check for signs such as watermarks, peeling or blistering paint, and so on.

Hire a Roofing Company For Frequent Roof Maintenance

Most roofing companies should offer regular maintenance services. If you purchase these, roofers should visit your commercial property regularly.

Roofers will perform many of the maintenance tasks mentioned above during these appointments. They will also do repair tasks. Roofers should be able to prevent small problems from becoming worse.

What’s different about how they perform maintenance tasks and what average building owners can do? They’ve practiced these tasks frequently. This skill level will render better results.

Trust Us to Keep Your Roof Going

In sum, if you maintain your commercial roofing now, you’ll spend a lot less money fixing it later. If you don’t have the budget for roofers, it can take a lot more time for you to finish the work. However, this extra work will be worth the lack of huge fees.

Also, if you ever need roofing repairs in southeast Louisiana, consider our services. We utilize our more than 35 years of service to provide exceptional commercial roofing services. Request a quote today by filling out your information on this page.

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